Foodie Friday: Magic Hat Brewery

I consider beer to be as important to happiness in life as food which is why I will be covering craft beer in my Foodie Friday posts. Both my husband and I love craft beer and we seek out new brews and breweries every place we go.

There is a well-established craft beer scene in Vermont. There are many great breweries to check out as well; we chose to tour the Magic Hat Brewery in South Burlington.  This brewery  came in second in USA Today’s poll for Best Brewery Tour.  That is a big deal when you consider it was up against hundreds of other breweries throughout the United States. You can check out the top ten and read more about the poll here.

Its one of those places you just have to “see”. In other words it is hard to describe. I feel like this brewery is what Willy Wonk’s dark and mysterious brother would have opened (if he had existed).  Has a definite steampunk vibe to it.

The entrance to what they call "the Artifactory".

The entrance to what they call “the Artifactory”.

When you arrive you enter into their retail area. There was a nice person at the front desk to answer our questions about taking a tour. In the retail area they have glassware, bottle openers, tee shirts; the typical promotional stuff.

Some of their merchandise is pretty cool. Makes great gifts for a beer lover!

Some of their merchandise is pretty cool. Makes great gifts for a beer lover!

Towards the back of this area is their Growler bar. Its a pretty impressive sight. 48 taps! You can grab your allotted free samples there or purchase a growler and fill it with your favorite beer. Of course we had already had some of their beer at home but it was fun to try some of their seasonal brews as well as some of the harder to find ones. The bartenders were very knowledgeable about the different beers which was appreciated because I didn’t want to use up a sample on something I might not like.  Some of their best loved beers are the Dream Machine IPL and the #9. I went out on a limb and tried the limited edition Feast of Fools Raspberry Stout. I am not a fan of stouts normally but I do like raspberry based beers. It was delicious. Perfect for sipping after a filling Christmas dinner.

The Growler bar. This by itself is worth the visit.

The Growler bar. This by itself is worth the visit.

We were there around 4pm on a Thursday so it wasn’t very busy. We even got our own private tour! The tour itself is pretty short but it is interesting and informative.  They have a video which walks you through the basics of how beer is made which is great for those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of craft beer. Our guide was full of information and answers to all of our questions. It was a fun, memorable visit; I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes Magic Hat beer or who is simply interested in craft beer.


Bottles coming down the line to be labeled and filled. Every time they want to bottle a different beer they have to stop and clean EVERYTHING.


They have machines that fold the boxes! What will they think of next?

I like to drink beer from the breweries I have been to whenever I can. I like the connection to the process. Sadly now that we are back in the KC area Magic Hat beer is hard to find. In fact, many of the wonderful brews we had in Vermont are simply not available here. However, we have several great breweries close by so be looking for future posts about the craft beer here in Kansas City.

Have a great weekend!