Memorial Day

Supposedly its Memorial Day Weekend…..I say “supposedly” because it is down right chilly here next to Seattle! I am originally from Kansas and by Memorial Day Weekend it was already consistently in the 80s and 90s- already hot and dry. It feels like autumn here.

Every year during Memorial Day Weekend we would hop in the family vehicle and head out to spend some time with relatives. We would visit with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and people I wasn’t real sure who they were but I knew we were related somehow. In between the visits we would visit the cemeteries where relatives were laid to rest and carefully place flowers around the headstones, making sure the gravesites were neat and in order.

You would think this would all be boring to a kid but honestly I enjoyed it. Not only was it a chance to see family we didn’t usually get to see but it was also a chance to learn about some of the people who had lived before us. I learned things about my deceased relatives that might not have otherwise come up in conversation. To me Memorial Day was about taking time to honor all those who went before- military and civilian.

This year I am too far away to go with my dad to put out flowers but I am comforted knowing someone is doing it. My sister, who is a Marine, is also unable to assist but is participating in one of the many military ceremonies of remembrance around the country. I am…well, writing this blog post I suppose.

So with Memorial Day in mind, I am sharing this picture with you. My mom had come out to the front porch to wave goodbye to me as I headed back to Kansas City. She is standing next to the Marine flag which was hanging in honor of my sister.

Eileen Ruth Grauer

My mom seeing me off.

She has been gone for almost six years now but going out to her headstone every Memorial Day is still hard. But also somehow cathartic. Not that I think the deceased are hanging around the cemetery but it gives you a chance to honor and remember them. I hope to make it out there the next time I am home.

I hope you all had a great weekend and took a minute to remember those who have gone before you.