Favorite Five: Podcasts: Part Two

I thought I was going to make it this winter without getting sick but last Friday I could feel it attacking. Five days later; having gone through multiple boxes of tissues and having sinus pressure so bad I was in tears, I am almost feeling normal. I think by this weekend I will have kicked this thing to the curb for good.

Better late than never, here is part two of my favorite five podcast list. I hope this has encouraged non-podcast listeners to check them out or, if you already listen to podcasts, I hope you found some new ones to try.






Many of you have probably hear of this podcast. It became a runaway success when it started back in Fall 2014. The combination of suspense, murder and a sympathetic convict made for a record-breaking debut.

Serial tells one story over the course of a season with each episode building on the previous one. This season’s topic was the murder of an 18 year old high school student, Hae Min Lee, and her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, who was convicted of her murder. Obviously this was not an open and shut case or else it would not be a very interesting podcast. Instead there are many unanswered questions about Adnan’s conviction and host Sarah Koenig takes us along for the ride as she tries to answer them.

If I had to pick a favorite episode it would probably be the first one; The Alibi, because that is the one that got me hooked. Who among us could remember what they did after school 15 years ago? What is this “alibi” and why wasn’t it used in the case? These questions were intriguing but sometimes the answers led to more questions. If you enjoy mysteries of any kind you will enjoy this podcast.




Gilmore Guys

Before you brush off this as “for Gilmore Girls fans only” let me assure you this podcast stands on its own. It’s hosts, Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, are funny, smart and engaging whether you are a “Gilly” or not.

Each podcast covers an episode of the Gilmore Girls and they break it down with segments such as “Pop Goes the Culture” and “The Ffffashion Report”. They often have guests, sometimes even people who do no like the show. I love that kind of “outside of the box” thinking. These guys aren’t afraid of defending their show or of having lively discussions. The guests have all been great, even the “anti-Gillys”; in fact those have been some of the funniest episodes.

I think this podcast is successful because of it’s uniqueness. Here are two hetero guys discussing a show that is labeled “for women.” Not only does this prove that Gilmore Girls isn’t just for women but it is also great to hear a different perspective. Another unique aspect is that these are not two die-hard fans; Kevin has seen the whole series and is a self-professed “Gilly” and Demi is watching it for the first time. Many podcasts about TV series are fans simply gushing about their show; there isn’t much actual discussion.  Demi is there as a set of fresh eyes, noticing issues someone who loves the show may miss. To be fair even Kevin doesn’t shy away from laughing at bad set design or ridiculous situations. They have figured out how to toe the line of being funny without being insulting which is good since most of their original listeners were Gilmore Girls fans.

Gilmore Girls reminds me of my mom; I remember coming home during college and my mom would be watching it or she would tell me about it. I regret never sitting down and watching it with her. It is great to watch a show with someone because then you have someone to discuss it with. Now, as I work my way through all seven seasons and my mom is no longer with us, I feel like these guys are giving me an outlet for that analysis I crave, with a much needed dose of humor.






Stuff You Should Know

Do you want to know what the placebo effect is? Are you confused by 3D printing? (I was.) Have you found yourself wondering how underwater tunnels work? Did you forget what amnesia is? (See what I did there.) Then this podcast is for you.

The hosts, Josh and Chuck, lead us on an endless quest for knowledge. No topic is off limits. (It seems.) They have covered everything from the Muppets to lethal injection and have done so with intelligence, respect and humor.

These guys make it work with their relaxed demeanor and chemistry.  They are obviously good friends. They pick the topic together and then they each do their own research. When they come together on the podcast the information is delivered in a conversational format so you never feel like its a classroom-like lecture. The podcasts are often sprinkled with mini segues and personal antidotes which add to the relaxed feel.

These guys have created a cable show, have weekly videos and even do live events. I think it would be a blast to seem them in person. I haven’t listened to every show; there are over 600 total, but I have listened to most of them. Find a podcast that covers something you are interested in and before you know it you will be listening to all of them.

There you have it; my five favorite podcasts! What are some of your favorite podcasts?

Have a great weekend!