Weekly Roundup: Life Gets in the Way of the Blog

Sometimes I feel like I don’t really “get going” until the middle of the week. This was one of those weeks. I haven’t done or seen anything that is “blog worthly” and I don’t have the time to write up the blog ideas I have in my notebook. A good, informative blog post easily takes 4-5 hours from start to finish.  So instead of just being strangely silent or publishing something mediocre I decided to give you all a peek at what has been keeping me so busy.

My biggest project/pain-in-the-butt is this baby quilt. Like any good crafter I waited till the last minute to begin working on it. Also, this is the first quilt I have ever made. I always seem to give myself a challenge when I have a deadline. (I do NOT recommend this.) I finally have all the squares cut out but I am fully aware that sewing them together isn’t going to be a quick project either. Wish me luck.

Hundreds of squares. Not sure if I will ever do this again.

Hundreds of squares. Not sure if I will ever do this again.

Keeping in the world of ‘craft’ I have three yarn-based projects keeping me busy. The teal one is an easy project I made up to use up that yarn and I need some new items for my Etsy shop.  I am almost done with it. The red and grey cowl is a pattern I am working on. I have several patterns that are waiting in the wings to get published. The brown is a Valentines gift. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but that didn’t happen. Some people may wonder why I have so many projects going on at once but if you are at all crafty you probably understand me completely.


Thank God these are portable projects.

Thank God these are portable projects.

I spent most of yesterday baking or cleaning up from baking. My husband has a tendency to skip breakfast unless there is something quick to grab as he is going out the door. Of course there are store-bought granola bars but we both wanted something homemade to cut down on the “unknown ingredients factor” and cost.

The first recipe I decided to try was Healthy Avocado Chocolate Cookies. Basically you are using the avocado as a substitute for butter. Even though it sounds weird I could see how, in theory, that makes sense. I followed the recipe exactly except I used honey instead of coconut sugar; I didn’t have any coconut sugar and honey was the recommended substitution. Also I used regular chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate chunks.

My first problem with these was my own fault; my avocado was too ripe so my batter was too thin. I knew this wouldn’t work for cookies so I threw in a hand full of all purpose flour so the batter would have the right amount of stiffness. Also, when I tasted the batter I could totally taste avocado. Kinda grossed me out.

They LOOK good.

They LOOK good.

Fortunately my husband really liked the finished product. To me they just aren’t sweet enough. But I kind of have an aversion to “healthy” baked goods. My feeling is if you want a cookie have a COOKIE. Just don’t have ten. I find healthier versions to be much less satisfying so then I want to eat more.

My second baking adventure turned out much better. Flourless Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies sounded like it might make us both happy.

Batter ready to go on the cookie sheets.

Batter ready to go on the cookie sheets.

This recipe was easy to follow and turned out great. I used a half cup of brown sugar instead of the 2/3 cup the recipe calls for but otherwise followed all the instructions. Once again my batter seemed a little thin but once I folded in the oats and chocolate chips it seemed to have the right consistency. I would make these again.

The finished product.

The finished product.

I think we are going to buck tradition this year and go out the night before Valentine’s day instead of Saturday night. Every place that is worth going to is either already booked up or will have hour long waits. I am not sure where we will go tomorrow night – my husband is supposed to have it all figured out. Saturday we are going to have a little celebration at home; grill some brats, get some good craft beer, and watch Netflix. Sometimes simple is best.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!



Wooly Wednesdays: LYS in Review


LYS in Review: NIDO

(802) 881-0068

209 College Street

Suite 2e

Burlington, VT 05401



I stumbled upon this little gem during one of our many excursions to downtown Burlington. Its located above the amazing café Stone Soup (I wrote about them recently here). There was a little hesitation when I wasn’t sure if I was opening the right door but once inside I could see the sign at the top of the stairs. There are several other businesses located on the upper floors of the building; its a pretty cool space.

Upon entering I immediately liked the warm, cozy feel of the place. Beautiful walls of fabric and well displayed trunks and bookcases of yarn were complimented by the hardwood floors and vintage fixtures.

Trunks filled with treasure!

Trunks filled with treasure!

It is a small space however I could tell everything has been carefully curated. The high-end fabrics and wools are joined by a small selection of patterns, books and notions that you do not see in your big box craft store.

I had the fortune to speak with the owner the last time I was there. Her name is Phiona and she could not have been nicer. She was full of information, she was helpful with my purchases and more than happy to answer my questions.

Originally from Seattle, the craft bug bit her when she was expecting her first child. After she relocated to Burlington she realized there was a need for a boutique style fabric and yarn shop; a place that carried items with a more modern aesthetic. Thus Nido, which means “nest”, was born.

Although Wooly Wednesdays center around all things yarn I have to mention the great fabric lines she carries. She had the latest from Alison Glass, April Rhodes, and the much sought after Cotton & Steel. She told me she likes to have the newest lines as soon as they come out. All of the great quilting cottons are joined by a rainbow of solid color cottons as well as some linens, knits, and heavier fabrics.

Love walls of beautiful fabrics.

Love walls of beautiful fabrics.

She likes to keep her yarn selection local; mostly stocking yarns that are made in the northeast. Swans Island, String Theory and Green Mountain Spinnery are a few of the local favorites. She also carries Madelinetosh which is just stunning in person.

She recently became a flag ship store for the Quince & Co yarn brand. It was great to see and feel all of their yarns, which I had not seen in person. In addition to having what seemed to be the entire range of colors, she also had quite a few samples so you can see how the yarn looks worked up.


An entire wall of Quince & Co!


Every time I have been there the service has been excellent. Helpful but not pushy. They hold knitting and sewing classes, craft nights, and knitting help nights; you can check the website for more information.

Knit fabric, quilt fabric & a pattern! Can't wait to get to work.

Knit fabric, quilt fabric & a pattern! Can’t wait to get to work.

Unbelievably, I have not purchased any yarn yet but as you can see from the picture above, I did find some fabric. The April Rhodes knit fabric is a gift, the rest is for a quilt I am going to attempt. I am not a quilter at all so wish me luck!

I know I promised a yarn giveaway but this post is already pretty long so I think I will add it to next weeks post along with On the Needles.

Where do you go when you want something special for your next project? I would love to hear about some of your favorite shops!



Favorite Five: A Handmade Christmas

Making those Christmas gifts.

Halloween is almost here, Thanksgiving menu planning is on my mind and preliminary gift giving lists are starting to make an appearance. Yes, Christmas will be here before you know it.

Since I have re-discovered my crafty side I have really tried to push the handmade gift envelope. However, like many others, I ended up staying up all hours of the night trying to finish something, or having to hand someone a card that says “hey your gift is coming…”. Being tired and stressed out or not having a real gift to give someone is not the best way to enjoy your holidays. Here are my five favorite tips for having a handmade Christmas

1. MAKE A LIST AND NARROW IT DOWN. Write out who you are planning on giving a gift to. Then think long and hard about who would appreciate a handmade gift and put them on a separate list.  Your time is precious- don’t waste it on someone who won’t completely love what you have made.

2. CHECK YOUR LIST TWICE. Just like Santa. After you initially narrow it down you might find that you still have a lot of people on your handmade gift list. Ask yourself some  more questions. Did you make them a handmade gift last year?  If yes then maybe they are off the handmade list this year. Did the person already indicate something specific they are hoping for? If someone asks for books or gift cards or whatever then that’s what you should get them. They will be happy and you will have more time.

3. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. I am guilty of violating this one. In the daze of Christmastime joy, fueled with too many peppermint mochas, I convince myself I can do it all!! Then, inevitably, there I am frantically knitting a scarf in a bar on our way to a New Years Eve party. Look at your calendar and honestly ask yourself what are your commitments? How much free time do you have in a normal week? How long does it normally take you to make whatever it is you are planning on making? And when you are done estimating give yourself even less time because things always come up during the holidays.

4. PICK YOUR PATTERN WISELY. Now is not the time to try that complicated pattern with the fancy stitches you have been eyeing. Nor is it time to knit your Aunt that lace-weight shawl she has asked for. If you create things often you probably some patterns you have done before that you know are fairly straight forward and quick. If you are looking a new pattern you need to read through the whole thing. Are there stitches or instructions you don’t understand? Is it calling for anything less than DK weight yarn? Do not pick something outside of your skill set or you will be frustrated and end up with an unfinished gift. Sometimes I’ve seen a pattern rated “easy” or “beginner” and knew for me it was more in the “advanced” area. You know what you can do better than anyone else.

5. HAVE FUN. I know, that sounds super dorky but often in the craziness of trying to make or find the perfect gift all of the fun gets sucked right out of Christmas. Maybe you have several small kids at home or a demanding job. Christmas craftiness might not be for you. You can always designate your handmade gifts for birthdays. A throw pillow or blanket would be a great wedding or anniversary gift for a couple. When a friend has a baby that would be a great time for to make something special for her since most gifts are geared towards the new infant. And if you don’t have the time but still want to give something handmade check out sites like Etsy or Zibbet.

I hope this list helps you make your Christmas gift giving go a bit smoother. Happy Halloween everyone!